Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thursday 31st

We had kept today free in the diary to catch up on some admin, maintenance and to source materials required to complete some jobs.
Had a call from one of our regular clients, he had just returned from holiday to find that his neighbour had over watered his plants while he was away and he had some nasty stains on the carpet which were going black and mouldy.
We arranged to go to Kenilworth to have a look to see if we would be able to help. We carried out a few spot tests and from the results, theres a good chance we will be able to remove them.
Client asked us to return tomorrow to attempt restoration, if unsuccessful we will write a report and assist
our client in how to make a claim on his household insurance for replacement.
We then had a call from a landlord who had just collected the keys back for his house and was horrified at the state of the carpets.
This is what we saw as he opened the front door.

2 hours later when we had prespayed, agitated and cleaned the carpet this was the result.

Then had a call from a lady who had been referred to us by SCH Builders in Coventry for a quote to clean the upholstery on office and conference room chairs.
After surveying and quoting this was also booked for tomorrow.
Back to office to discover problems with emails which needed to be sorted, then off to source floor covering for the residential home which we visited on monday following an escape of water.


  1. Wow! The difference between the two photos is amazing. It is definitely amazing what a cleaning specialist can do. I have an area in my house that needs some serious help. I will have to check you guys out. Thanks!

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