Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wednesday 30th

Went to a residential care home this morning to monitor the drying of a bathroom that had had a leak. The leak was caused by a plumber not capping off a pipe in a cupboard after fitting a new boiler.The resident was unaware it was leaking until 3 months later when he went to get a bag from the cupboard.Due to the length of time it had been dripping, when we were called to 'clean the carpets to get rid of the smell' the floor and carpet was absolutely sodden and mould and bacteria was very apparent.
We arrived this morning to find the drying equipment already packed away and the floor still soaking wet!.. the resident had stopped using it because it hadnt removed the smell.We spent a long time explaining to the resident and the warden the drying process following an escape of water and what could happen if the issue wasnt dealt with correctly.
We uplifted the carpets, gripper rods and underlay for disposal and reinstalled the drying equipment and will return to monitor the situation in a few days time and take moisture readings.

We had a call from a lady desperate for a carpet clean and could we do it today.
She had booked another company to do the job at 10am, she removed all her furniture in preparation then 10 mins before they were due to arrive, they called and said they couldnt make it. The poor woman was frantic, she was left with an empty lounge and 3yr old twins at home.
We had a little space between appointments so we went and took care of it for her.
Within 2 hours she had a lovely clean carpet and we replaced her furniture for her too, which is something we always do as part of the service anyway.
She had called the other company because they were 'CHEAP'.
They had quoted her £35 and the room had to be emptied ready.
We charged her £50 which is our minimum charge and would have taken care of moving and replacing the furniture for her AND we would have arrived on time!
We left behind a very happy lady with a nice clean carpet.

On to Rugby this afternoon to clean a leather sofa for a rather embarrassed gentleman.
He had been visiting friends on Sunday, enjoying the weather with a few drinks and after a few too many he was sick ... all over his friends brand new leather sofa!
Despite efforts to clean it up themselves, there was still a stain and the odour of vomit remaining.
We cleaned the sofa, removed the stain and odour and retreated the leather to restore it to its former glory.
Another happy and satisfied customer.

5pm and back to the office to complete reports and sort out invoices, emails and quotes.

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