Thursday, 23 June 2011

When should you get your carpets cleaned?

It isnt unusual for someone to contact us to clean there carpets because they look dirty,but carpets by that time have already been through the wars, grit and grim from off the streets have been walked into them,and your accommodating carpet even makes a home for most of this.
Then each time you walk on your carpets you are emulating the effects that rubbing sand paper on your carpets would have as the grit and grim will act in the same way as you scuff and move the fibres of your carpet as you pass.
So in actual fact the best time to have your carpets cleaned would be now.......
then once a year when you decide the rest of the house needs a spruce up.
The life of your carpets will at least be doubled and if you take the same care of your upholstery there is no reason why this cannot be said for that also.
Never mind the horror stories about all the nasties breeding in your carpets and upholstery to be able to walk into a fresh smelling home and relax on your favourite seat is money well spent.

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