Tuesday, 21 June 2011

End of Tenancy cleaning Coventry

The exhaustive cleaning of the property before you enter into new tenancy or after you move out is normally required. The scope of end/start of tenancy cleaning is defined in the tenancy agreement. In case, the cleaning is in the scope of your landlord, then you need not pay for it. Hence, you need to verify the tenancy agreement. As a matter of fact, tenancy agreements are usually designed in such a manner so that the tenant needs to pay for the cleaning.

This is beneficial for the property owner to some extent. The tenants pay for the cleaning activities done by professional cleaners under the supervision of the property owner. During the tenancy period, the property remains under the physical possession of the tenants. The tenants occupy and use the building as per their convenience, even carry out some modifications or alterations so as to accommodate pets, household materials and other items. The tenancy is time bound and expires after some months or years. The end/start of tenancy cleaning is thus of utmost importance so as to make the property ready for the new tenants to move in.

Although, the judgment about the cleaning is a matter of opinion expressed by the tenant and the landlord, you cannot rule out a close inspection. The inspection of the property is done prior to letting it out to check the contents and level of cleanliness. It is advisable to the tenants to be present at the time of such inspections so as to ensure no unwarranted report is generated. Any uncalled for point mentioned in the checking report can affect your security deposit with the property owner.

In case of big rental accommodation, it has been seen that the end/start of tenancy cleaning disputes are on the rise. Sometimes, the tenants are not experienced enough to handle such scenarios. The property owner might also put stringent conditions in the tenancy agreements.

It is advisable to have the premises inspected from independent inspection agencies. You can also avoid the deductions in your security deposit by hiring professional cleaners that are specialist in end/start of tenancy cleaning


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