Friday, 9 November 2012

Graffiti Removal

Fitz2kleen have been working at a local school this week removing large amounts of graffiti from all around the school.

As the images below show, graffiti can be quite an eyesore and have a very negative impact on communities.
Fitz2Kleen specialist cleaning services have the expertise and specialist equipment to undertake a successful graffiti removal operation to all kinds of buildings.


For a free no obligation quote why not give us a call now Tel 02476 263630

Our graffiti removal service is a cost effective way to restore your surroundings to a more welcoming environment.



  1. Very well done :) It's a hard piece of work to acquire results like presented on the photos:)

  2. At first it seems like a dirty wall post on Facebook wall and after your cleaning, it is like the wall is been cleanly posted and looks nice. All right enough fun!!! You are providing genuine cleaning services, I must say. Keep it up.
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