Sunday, 21 October 2012

Problem with pigeons on your property

Problem with pigeons on your property ?
Pigeons can turn the most beautiful buildings into an eyesore!

They're feathered, but they're not your friends. Pigeon droppings contain acids that can eat through the tiles on your roof. Also present are salmonella and the fungus that causes histoplasmosis,

Nuisance pigeons can cause many problems not only by the damage they cause from nesting on buildings but they also pose a health risk from pigeon droppings that build up in areas.

We are experienced in dealing with pigeon problems using a variety of pigeon deterrents, anti roosting spikes and other effective pigeon control methods to prevent infestation by problem birds.


Feral pigeons form large flocks that roost on buildings, on ledges, sills and sloping roofs and under bridges.

The presence of feral pigeons and their faeces (or guano) represents a potential health hazard to people. Pigeons are carriers of a number of serious diseases such as salmonella and psittacosis (commonly known as pigeon fancier's lung). Their droppings provide the ideal environment for organisms causing diseases such as listeriosis, cryptococcis and aspergillosis to thrive. Pigeons are also hosts to fleas and other parasites such as pigeon ticks and bird mites. These pests can be spread to other hosts including people.


Help is at hand!

Fitz2kleen specialist cleaning services can safely remove the droppings.

We can professionally install a range of discreet, long lasting pigeon deterrents for any type of building and if required a bird waste cleaning service to remove bird droppings prior to the installation of deterrents.

Pigeon Netting

Call us on 02476263630 for further advice on pigeons and to arrange for a free survey of your premises.

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