Friday, 13 January 2012

Commercial Cleaning Services Coventry

Smoking Areas

Now that  the cultural climate towards smoking has changed, designated smoking areas are appearing outside almost every building.
This, however, in itself leads us to experience unintended consequences.
Smokers are left to congregate in these 'smoking areas' outside the workplace, pubs,shops, entrances to office blocks,shopping centres even hospitals, etc
Unfortunately many smokers, rather than using designated bins and ashtrays for their cigarette ends, will just stub them out on a wall,
underfoot or just discard them into the surrounding streets.
This has led to unpleasant conditions for  those entering and leaving these premises and presents a poor first impression to outsiders and visitors.
                                      Smoking Area Cleaning and Sanitising

Unsightly smoking debris can easily be removed, treated and sanitised by professional cleaning, restoring the entrances and walkways to their former glory and making a more welcome environment for visitors.
Fitz2Kleen can undertake this task to create an environment your visitors won't turn their noses up at .


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