Sunday, 13 November 2011

Chewing Gum Removal

  Chewing gum is a huge problem!

A sticky problem – and it’s getting worse !

How many times have you stepped on chewing gum? Maybe gone into a restaurant in your best suit or dress and sat down on a seat that had chewing gum on it without realising?

Apart from being very unsightly, it’s such a disgusting thing to have to try and remove  from your shoes, clothes and belongings.

People just don’t think!

Carelessly discarded chewing gum becomes trodden into our streets and pavements. Once trodden in gum is extremely difficult and costly to remove. It makes paved areas look grimy, dirty and generally degrades an area.

In an ideal world everyone that chews gum would place it into a bin. Sadly as we all know the world we live in is far from ideal.

Everywhere you go there is chewing gum. Shopping centres, schools, streets, restaurants, even buses.

Help is at hand.
From domestic clients who have inadvertently walked it through their lounge to large businesses who may have a larger scale problem, we can help you to deal with this issue.

Chewing Gum Removal

As part of the continued expansion of Fitz2Kleen in Coventry , we are now offering a specialised Gum Removal service to tackle these issues and have invested in the latest equipment for this problem.

The system we use is the latest in gum removal technology, which is environmentally friendly to remove fixed on chewing gum from almost any surface.

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