Sunday, 23 November 2014

Christmas Cleaning

 Getting the house into tip top shape makes Christmas hard work for many women.

House-proud women spend the equivalent of two weeks every year - that's two years of their lives - cleaning the family home.
Day-to-day chores such as vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms and toilets means busy women will spend 50 minutes making sure their home is spick and span every day.
That's more than 324 hours and a total of two years and four months from the age of 18.

But for many even that isn't enough in the run-up to Christmas, with two thirds spending over three hours extra on household chores throughout December.
Despite the extra chores, more than half admitted they are still dreading festive visitors seeing their home in a less than perfect state, with mother-in-laws named as the most feared caller.

Most women are extremely house proud and want their home to be as clean and fresh as possible. 
It seems that the constant stream of guests over the Christmas period only adds to the worry of making sure their house is as tidy as it can be.
An unexpected visitor can leave house proud mums going into a panic if they haven't had change to spruce up their home beforehand.

Pleasing the in-laws: For many women, a messy house is out of the question when in-laws are on the way.

The study of 2,000 women revealed 70 per cent consider themselves to be house proud, with an incredible 86 per cent admitting they spend even more time tidying if they have guests due to arrive.
More than three quarters even give their home a quick going over with the vacuum before their guest arrives, while another 73 per cent quickly wipe down their bathroom and toilets.
But because of this, 72 per cent feel put out if people arrive unannounced.
And while it's mother-in-laws who women named as the person they would least like to visit their home before they had chance to clean, their own parents and siblings weren't far behind.

Call in the professionals to minimise the stress.

By calling in a team of professional cleaners like Fitz2Kleen , they can get on with making sure home is in tip top condition, leaving you to get on with all the other important things you need to ensure happy and stress free festivities.

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