Tuesday, 19 February 2013


It must seem like a mine field out there searching for the right cleaning company to give the property you are about to leave the final clean.

There is the cost to think about: Too expensive? Too  cheap?  What do I get for my money? Are they insured? How long will it take?

So much to think about and all you want is someone to come and clean that property!!!!.

The reason people like yourself call for the services of a cleaning company is because you have a busy life and your time is better spent on the important things, maybe like many you just aren’t able to do it yourself through health, or you are the agent or a Landlord/landlady and the outgoing tenant left in a hurry leaving a property in a state not quite fit for an ingoing tenant.

I was invited to view a property by a letting agent that they had contracted another cleaning company to clean.

The windows had streaks down them, the bathroom looked like it hadn’t been touched, there were hairs on the bath, the white toilet seat had black marks on it, and there was urine around the top of the bowl and the floor hadn’t even been swept never mind cleaned!

The kitchen was just not acceptable, the drawers still had food particles in them, cupboards were not cleaned sufficiently inside and windows and frames cleaned with a dirty cloth had left hairs and streaks down them.

The bedrooms were no better, wardrobes had not been cleaned and drawers had hairs and dust in.

Now this company had taken two days, how do you know you ask? I live across the road from the property.

They charged £90 for this poor service and as a business person two days paying an employee minimum wage is £86.66, add on national insurance, travel costs and cleaning equipment this takes it to well over £100. Then on top of that is the fact they will have to return to the property to remedy the clean that has been rejected, they won’t get paid for the return visit.

What is the incentive to do a good job?

Fitz2Kleen are proud of the service they offer, we quote on the job at hand and turn up on time to undertake your property clean, 95% of all cleans are completed in a day, with larger properties we may have to return the next day to clean the carpets.

We provide our own products and equipment so there is nothing you have to worry about, where possible we will walk around the property with yourself to ensure you are happy with the finished product. We will also, if you are the landlord/landlady offer further services that might assist you such as our maintenance service, gardening service or the use of our tried and trusted trades people for the bigger jobs.

What have you got to lose? We believe you have more to gain but we will leave that for you to decide.

Fitz2Kleen are not the cheapest cleaning company in Coventry, and we are certainly not the most expensive either, all of our employees are fully trained to the FITZ2KLEEN standard and we hold employee and public liability and treatment risk insurance so should the worse happen, your property and items we are working on are covered.

We pride ourselves on the quality of service that we provide for our customers and will always go the extra mile to ensure that we continue to provide the best options for you.

Out driving force in customer service is the saying ‘GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!’

Take a look at our reviews from previous customers and then call us to come and have a look.

We visit you free of charge, at a time to suit you, to provide a quote with NO obligation.





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