Monday, 14 January 2013

Snow can affect the inside of your property too!


Once again we have to welcome the snow; this we are told will rapidly turn to ice over the next day or two.

Like most people preservation is at the forefront of our minds and salt or other products now on the market will be thrown down to save slips and falls.

This obviously has its pitfalls. Salt on its own hold no real problem although it leaves a white pigment on carpets when dry, but some other shop bought products have additives such as gravel which, when walked on, can be carried onto carpets and get embedded and if not removed will cause damage to carpet fibres.

A good vacuum cleaner will lift most of the salt pigment out of the carpet if done early enough but will once dried return to its solid form again becoming an abrasive and continuous traffic will cause damage to your carpets.

Agitation from a domestic vacuum is not enough to lift everything buried in your carpet pile to the surface for your Hoover to pick up.

A professional carpet cleaner will agitate with a commercial machine ensuring maximum lift of particles walked into your carpet pile before actually cleaning the carpet.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned will ensure a longer life to your carpets, aid asthma sufferers by removing dust and dust mites from carpets and also aid people with skin issues such as eczema as removal of abrasives on carpets and upholstery from dust and other traffic can reduce irritation.

We at Fitz2Kleen understand the issues cause by adverse weather and from health problems and deal with them in a professional manner and only leave once your expectations have been reached.

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