Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Squatters- County Court possession and eviction

The New squatters law will mean more County Court repossessions/evictions taking place.
The majority of the time repossessed properties are wrecked, filthy and very smelly and when you are the property owner this can be a very traumatic time.

After the bailiffs and the locksmiths have reclaimed your property, its time to start the clean up.
You will need the help of a professional company to restore your property to its former glory.
Here at Fitz2Kleen, we don't just offer vacant and distressed property cleaning... we specialize in it!
Every property we service is ready for new occupants when we leave.
Our emphasis is on a speedy restoration for all properties at affordable cost.
Estate agents, tenants, landlords, property management companies, and commercial property owners alike can all benefit from our attention to detail and ability to produce quality results on schedule,
for a budget-friendly price.
We dont just clean 'clean' houses we specialise in the gruesome ones too.
Whatever the problem try us first!
Call 02476 263630 for immediate response

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